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We love the wide open vastness of the outdoor world, the streams, the rivers, the waterfalls, the forests, the fields, cliffs & mountains all the same!
A few reasons we love the outdoor world so much and encourage everyone to explore more of it’s hidden treasures!
  • Helps calm strong emotions such as anger & grief.
  • Outdoor experiences may help fight depression & anxiety.
  • Being outdoors has a natural de-stressing effect.
  • Spending time outside reduces inflammation.
  • Enjoying the outdoors helps eliminate fatigue.
  • Outdoor experiences bring you joy & wonder where you least expect.
We want to encourage people to embrace the outdoors and travel to places you never normally venture out to... It’s a magical feeling when you stumble upon a secret location that you’ve never been to before!
In the coming months we will be gathering information from around the world to bring people closer to nature so that everyone can benefit its beauties. This will be here on our website. 
We welcome any recommendations of people’s favourite places, no matter where you are!
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